Our Perfect Fit Guarantee Promise!

The journey to ensured perfect fit in complete elegance begins here!

Perfect Fit Assurance- A promise of 100% customer satisfaction!

Risk free, indemnified service assistance, witnessing satisfied smiles on each of our customer’s face.

Every order made at Lapharrell is 100% covered under our special promise of Perfect Fit Guarantee. This makes every purchase made with us 100% risk free. All the crafting orders, placed with us- Onsite tailoring service or Online tailoring is covered under our Perfect Fit Guarantee plan.

Even though, each of our professionally styled and crafted attire holds very minimal chances of not offering a perfect fit, still we offer a hassle-free solution to bear with the required tweaks via both- Onsite and Online Cost Picking Process with the aim of ensuring comprehensive customer satisfaction.


Offering doorstep onsite tailoring service, we complement the same with on-door alteration services, too by assisting our customers in fixing their alteration needs. Our styling and crafting experts are always on the go and will be assisting the mis-fit issues raised by the customers, if touring the same region concerning raised issues, hassle-free. We do not charge any extra amount for any such alteration needs.


In case, our customer is totally dissatisfied with Lapharrell blends and craftsmanship, we also offer a complete remake for the same. Apart from this, in case our experts, who are always on the go aren’t available onsite, we pick up the entire cost of either the small tweaks made by a local tailor or the overall remaking cost bore by the customer for the particular attire, without any questions.


If you don’t like our online bespoke tailoring services or on-door craftsmanship, we offer a mutual solution as per the management discretions. Proceeding towards our aim of gaining 100% satisfied customers, we offer a bridging service solution to each our customer by assisting them get the perfect fit, they desire through our custom-made products.

How to Measure at Home !!

Follow our step-by-step video instructions to create, save and track multiple measurement profiles. It's easier than you think, we promise! All your measurements will be saved and available for you to use in your next order.


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