Our Story-Lapharrell

Have you ever faced a problem finding the best fit garment of your choice or figuring out the most promising custom tailoring right at your doorstep?

“If yes!”

Lapharrell has the most worthy solution to all such problem situations; you have ever faced in life!

Established as first of its kind high end tailoring along with the promise of doorstep delivery, we started our journey towards making tailoring affordable and reachable to all. Our on-door service facilitation goes hand in hand with figuring out the most appropriate needs of our customers and delighting them with the best craftsmanship delivered, right at their place.

Finding your fit in life isn’t just about your garment but, certainly caters to elevating your style, appearance and not to forget your confidence, too.

So, what more do you need to be a gentleman of your own creation?

Traditionally, tailoring has been believed to be the ‘richies’ cup of tea but, with us, you will always be on a full control ride to create your own customised dream into the best crafted garment of your choice. Evolving as a noteworthy brand in the regions of Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton, our services are aimed at door-step delivery, affordable pricing, high quality and custom tailored garments for our erstwhile customers.

How we help?

  1. At Lapharrell, we offer a versatile range of service assistance platforms that will surely take you to the old-world tailoring experiences but, under a pretty eased and contemporary process.
  2. Working with a team of professionals, we are always on the go to extend our service hand towards all those in need.
  3. Our step by step guidance under the esteemed facilitation of our designers and craftsmen is definitely a comprehensive way of create your masterpiece with your own imagination, without compromising on the perfect fit.
  4. Our onsite team excels in bringing a complete in-store experience at your doorstep.
  5. Accompanied by our professionals, all you got to do is select and narrate your dream and we promise to deliver the best in class attire, crafted in complete elegance.

Why we started with Lapharrell?

Lapharrell established as the key problem solver in offering perfectly fitted garment that originate out of the best in class bespoke tailoring. Getting the perfect fit when it comes to garments isn’t a child’s play nor can be achieved in terms of compromised tailoring. Cutting down the hassle of finding the most befitting bespoke tailor to get your customized garments needs suitably fulfilled, emerged our brand for endeavouring to all sorts of high end tailoring needs.

Lapharrell - We are here to craft a dream!

Simple Design Process

Experience in-store bespoke tailoring combined with personal customization from the convenience of your own home.


Garment & Fabric

Choose your Garment type Suit, Jacket etc. and select Fabric from our wide range of premium collection.

Step - 2

Custom Design

It's now time to create your design story, customize and design your garments, we have a wide variety of style options.

Step - 3


It's simpler than you think, measure with Precision using One of the Four easy available options.

Step - 4

On Door Delivery

Lapharrell Perfect Fit Guarantee ensures order delivery within 4 - 6 weeks along with the after sale assistance promise.


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