Onsite Services

Enjoy the complete Bespoke Tailoring Experince from the comfort of your Home or Office. 

Onsite Services

Get your custom defined dream attire crafted at the ease and convenience of your own home with our onsite tailoring service. Recognised as the first ever proficient doorstep onsite tailoring service providers in Canada, we promise a service delivery at the most affordable price and perfect fit guarantee promise.

Step - 1

Make an appointment

It's simple, three ways to do it. Call , Text or Online (Click book button and choose your date and time)

Step - 2

Visit by Stylist

We have two three options, request a visit at home or office or any location of your choice also you also have to option to visit our location in down town.

Step - 3

Style up and get measured

Our stylist will take you through the full bespoke experience in the comfort of your home or office or our location , starting from selecting fabric , creating you custom style and measurements. The over all process will take around 20-30 min.

Step - 4

Door step delivery

Your perfectly fitted and crafted Lapharrell custom made garments will be delivered to your door step in 4 to 6 weeks. Most of our orders are delivered with in 4 weeks.

Our Process

Step 1: Make an appointment

At Lapharrell, we offer an extensive ways to make an appointment with our professionals.

Get in touch with us via-

  • Calling our service desk
  • Dropping a text for appointment query
  • Book an appointment through our booking system

Offering a full-fledged doorstep service, we will soon respond to your query and fix an onsite consultation schedule as per the intent of our customer.

Step 2: Visit by Stylist

Offering an extra level of comfort and convenience, we are happy to arrange on door visit and consultation in association with our pro team of designer and doorstep onsite tailors under following responsive options:-

  • Visit at home
  • Visit at Office
  • Visit any other location of customer’s choice

Step 3: Style Up and Get Measured

Right from guiding our customers in terms of extensive fabric selection, styling ideas to helping them get the right measurements for their order, we assist in all! Our specialized team offering an on-tour service delivery will assist you throughout the complete bespoke tailoring process in terms of expert high-quality experience at the ease of your home within just 20—30 minutes of service setup.

Step 4: Doorstep Order Delivery

We promise the perfect fit guaranteed custom crafted Lapharrell garment delivery within 4 to 6 weeks of the order placed.

However, most of our orders are delivered under the least turnaround time promise within 4 weeks of order placed. 

Onsite Service

Follow our step-by-step process to fix an appointment with our experts and get your favourite custom made garment, delivered within the least time span.

Enjoy first ever onsite tailoring service in Canada at the price of a normal budget buy, with Lapharrell!


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