Our Garment Quality

Our quality promise subject to the garments we offer!

Our Garment Quality

Lapharrell works towards constantly sourcing some of the finest fabrics from around the world to fulfil the best possible designing and comfort pleasures of our clients. Our highest quality fabrics aims at sourcing and crafting 100% authentic cotton and wool fabrics to deliver superior quality attire crafted under bespoke tailoring in complete fashion and elegance. 


Top-notch Fabric Quality

To give you the best designing pleasure of the era, Lapharrell keeps on procuring the best quality fabrics from around the globe. We deal in the highest quality array of fabrics like Italian Mill suiting fabrics to 100%, cotton fabrics and best quality wool to fulfil the expectations of our clients, willing to gain superior level elegance with our branded quality. 

All about Lapharrell Fabrics and Garments

Considering the Necessary Elements

Our custom designing techniques involve paying attention to every detail. This has helped in giving our clients the best garment they have ever worn. We have also taken care of delivering most desirable finishing using the hand stitching method as well. You get assurance that the garments crafted by us are at par with the currently existing international standards.

Perfect Fit Guarantee

Lapharrell emphasizes on creating garments with a perfect fit. On-site tailors from our team work on delivering the most perfect attire bearing with the individual measurements to match to fit. We promise a well designed and perfectly crafted suit that adheres to our perfect fit guarantee promise and client expectations in a mutual form. 


Practicing Quality Control

Our experts bear the best in class understanding of the fabrics of top notch quality. Even in our stitching methods, we take care of the quality delivery promise. We make sure to offer a non-compromised high quality delivery at every stage of our order fulfilment. We hold a wide count of 100% satisfied and confiding clients which helps us ensure high-quality garments delivery, every time they approach us.


Wool Fabrics

For our garments range, we use 100% wool fabrics from Jogrecarlie and Italian Mills from Stylebiella. These are well known for being the most versatile, breathable and soft natural fabrics in the worl

Lining Using Bemberg

Along with fabric, the lining is also important. For a non-compromised standard bearing, we use Bemberg which is a fine quality fibre derived from cotton. The smooth and silky fabric is best known for its superior level comfort and well being. Apart from that it can absorb and release moisture. Compare to cheap lining materials, Bemberg lining helps in keeping the temperature moderate inside the garment. 


Freudenberg Interlinings for high-quality suiting fabrics 

We use such a robust fabric to retain the shape of the main fabrics and provide an elegant look to the clients.

CAD Technique

Our team of modern experts still stick to old tailoring methods to higher level of precision. Our design team works upon the measurements and does the detailed analysis through Computer-Aided Design technology. 

Laser Cutting Technique

This method is used to check your selected fabrics and syncing the cut as per the measurements derived. 

Custom Options with Personalized Features

You will get numerous options to give a personal touch to the garment. We have designed name or initials monogrammed options for our client's looking for a pe4rosnalised touch for their garments. 


Personalised Touches

Whether it's having your name or initials monogrammed into your jacket or an extra ticket pocket inserted onto your blazer, our endless design possibilities mean your suit will always be a reflection of who you are.

Lapharrell- Sustaining the promise of best garment quality with pride!

Clients can follow our step-by-step instructions guide to create, store and even track multiple measurement profiles. Hassle free service and application is what we promise!
Our database keeps an account of your measurements for future orders!

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