Get your alterations altered locally while insured at Lapharrell!


We offer the below mentioned Alteration Allowances based on the type of garment fixed or tweaked at your local alteration shop :-

Garment type Alterations allowance
Suit (2 - 3 piece) - Complete $ 150 - 200
Jackets & Blazers - Separates $ 100
Pants $  50
Shirts $  50
Vest  $  50

In order to claim your alterations at Lapharrell to get the most desirable perfect fit delivered at your doorstep, follow our step by step process, hassle free:-


1. Call us, email us or see us to get your concerned fitting fixed under our expert professionals in your own city. Our on-site tailors and designers will fix and take care of both your pickup and delivery, if in your city.


2. As we do not hold a full-time representation in every city because our specialists are always on the go helping client craft their desired look, we also offer another flexible alteration fix. Simply visit your preferred favourite local alteration shop to get your changes fixed and we shall pick up the incurred expenses for you. We will guide you with the process and speak to your local alter therefore make sure you inform us in advance of the problem in fitting, before you approach any local alteration shop. Send us the fixes done and update the fix on our smart system to get a valid suggestion for future reference.   


3. In the worst case scenario, if your article can't be fixed under any stretch imagination, we offer hassle-free remake for the same. Our support team will get in touch with you as soon as the concern is raised and make sure your issues are fixed for a reliable service offer.


In case of alteration expenses exceeding $ 200, customers are requested to get in touch via email for further assistance. 

Need Assistance?
Lapharrell is one of the first of its kind on door tailoring services provider in entire Canada region. In case of further query or assistance, our help group is ever-ready to help. Get in touch with us at and we will ensure your experience is trust-worthy. 




Doesn’t suit your alteration standards? Lapharell will fix it for free.

If your clothing has not been made to the right estimations, plan or texture as per your desires and your alteration is not possible or costs will surpass the alteration limits, we request you to finish the accompanying two steps:

1. Get in touch with our support team and our team of experts will understand the issue in details get in touch with your local alter and try to solve the problem. Email us at enquiry@lapharrell with in 12 days of receiving the order. Our bespoke tailors may solicit you to give photographs from your garment(s)/of you in your garment(s), with the goal to affirm the fitting issue. 
2. Post your unworn garment(s) - Upon approval from our team, once we have determined that  your order cannot be altered. 


Post review, as you get the confirmation for your issue addressal and approval, post your unworn garment(s) (labels still on vents still sewed up) alongside your Lapharrell Remake Form to the beneath address within 30 days of getting receipt of the order:
Flat 102, Bloack A , 1/F,
Hong Kong (Chai Wan) Industrial Building, 
26 Lee Chung Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
Utilizing your Lapharrell Remake Form, we will refresh your online Lapharrell client profile guaranteeing that every single future request will be crafted using your updated measurement estimations. 
It would be ideal if you note that customisation alternatives can't be changed for revamps, except if there was a mistake in a customisation choice on the first thing. 
Our ondoor tailoring services prescribe utilizing a transportation administration that takes into account following and conveyance affirmation and please note that you will be liable for return shipping charges.



Refunds and Returns

Not satisfied with your order?


We likely guarantee that our clients are 100% happy with their purchase with us. On the off chance that you are not satisfied with your Lapharrell garment(s), go through the underneath guidelines so that we can decide a suitable alteration activity. A suitable action we offer on the course is to accept your garment(s), get it adjusted or revamped for free or offer you a full credit for your next purchase according to the damage. Just complete the accompanying steps: 
1. Email client assistance
Email about the concerned issue to our Customer Experience group at within 10 days of receiving your order and request a return. Attach clear photographs of the concerned issue with your garment(s) in the email sent to us. Our Customer Service group member will get in touch with you at the earliest to arrange for the following steps, then after. 
Review your reason of complaint, if there is a damage or the product is wrong. 
Product is wrongly received:  
Please courier the unworn garments(s) (with labels still on and vents still sewed up) within 14 days of receipt of your order to the underneath address, do not forget to inform/email us before you send the return shipment.  
Flat 102, Bloack A , 1/F,
Hong Kong (Chai Wan) Industrial Building, 
26 Lee Chung Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
We will get your original order delivered at your door step. 
Product is damaged or cannot be altered: 
In an extremely rare and unlikely scenario if your garments cannot be repaired or altered, we will remake the complete garment for you. Orders once confirmed in the system are 100% non refundable and cannot be cancelled. Repayments if any is subject to approval by the Lapharrell management. Subject to review and approval by the Lapharrell team, we will either completely remake the garment for you or give you a line of credit for your next purchase. Remake is subject to the same delivery time which is 6-8 weeks, however  we try our best  to make it sooner.  Credit will be made available in your wallet with in 14 days of approval and upon receipt of your return order.   
For any item bought with a gift card store credit, the blessed voucher or store credit will be discounted first before making the rest of the payment. On the off chance that things are obtained as a component of a bundle or advancement, all things from that bundle or advancement must be come back to get a full discount and any things that are not returned will be charged at full retail cost. Lapharrell has the option to deny store credit/repayment for an item that is obtained worn or harmed by the client. 
We prescribe utilizing a shipping or courier partner that offers conveyance affirmation and tracking facilities and please note that you will be solely responsible for return shipping charges. It is requested to take a note that we wouldn’t affirm requests for refund or replacement, if you just change your mind as each of our offer is custom made and designed to suit the customer’s choices.



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