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We stock just the best textures!

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We stock just the best textures!


To mirror with our clients one of a kind styles, Lapharrell is always sourcing the absolutely best textures from around the world. We stock just the most excellent cluster of textures, from 100% Merino Wools suiting and 100% cotton for shirts to large variety of silk, bamboo blends etc. to meet every demads of our customers.

We just utilize the best Merino Wool textures for our centre’s range fitting textures. Australian Merino fleece is known to be the best fleece on the planet due to its adaptable and breathable qualities. Our wide textured fabric list incorporates 100% Australian Merino Wool, Italian Mill, Wool Linen Blends, Wool Silk Blends and several others. Dig into the universe of Lapharrell textures here!

Fabric quality

100% Wool 

Prestigious for being the most flexible, breathable and delicate normal textured fabric on the planet; we generally utilize 100% Wool for our fashionable attires crafted at Lapharrell. Our Fabrics are light in weight and breath perfect to suit all season requirements. 

100% Cotton Shirt Fabrics

Different materials can be utilized to weave a texture. The most well-known are Cotton and Linen.We have phenomenal quality breathable cotton to craft the dream attires for our clients. To see our whole broad assortment of shirt textures please click here.

Fleece Linen Blends

These textures are lighter than an unadulterated fleece mix for blistering summer days, while staying sturdy and holding their shape. Material fleece mix texture items are generally well known in North America, South America, and Eastern Europe.

Fleece Silk Blends

Surface – Quality silk is smooth to touch and light on the body. It is in some cases utilized as a covering inside fleece suits; however sturdier variety of this fabric is typically favoured by tailors.

Solace – Silk is both light and breathable, making it more agreeable than overwhelming fleece or water-retaining cotton in hot, sticky climates. Beautiful, dainty and lightweight, it has a sensitive and lavish feel; we have a wide determination of Wool Silk mixes on our website and our onsite specialist. Lapharrell's made-to-quantify administration makes it conceivable to create customized suits and shirts in only a few weeks, which in turn favours our on-door tailoring service in the best ways.


Fabric quality

Vitale Barberis CanonicoFabrics:

Vitale BarberisCanonico is the most seasoned woollen plant on the planet. With central command in Prativero in the area of Biella, it is eminent for its unadulterated fleece wool and fleece and mohair mix textures, supported by the world's most praised tailors.This Italian Fabric Mill has been creating the best textures for customized suits since 1663. They are famous for their methods, experience and top notch textures that are sourced by some top of the line names, supported by the world's most commended tailors.

Italian factories of StyleBiella:

More than many years, Biella's notoriety for fine textures developed all through Italy and Europe. The great assortment has been woven from high evaluation excessively 130s merino fleece. It conveys common sparkle and it’s execute handle will give you an incredible solace with the garment crafted under it.

Such quality has been exceptionally commended by Connoisseurs. Some portion of the old style looks will supply you with exquisite in any case the event. The other piece of articles will give you another appearance and present day look. Realistic checks, clear stripes, window checks and miniaturized scale plans are altogether delineated in mix of green, light blue, purple, which gives them a highlighting appearance and current look. This is why they are the most favoured choices of our bespoke tailors.


JorgeCarlie, a commonly recognized name and much appreciated brand in UK! Elegant in style and flawless in texture, JeorgeCarlie remains to be the most preferred decision of each effective agent going to leave on a venture toward magnificence.

Whether for warmth or for brilliant appearance, you can generally depend on the fitting's offered by JeorgeCarlie as their extravagantly made of overly 140s merino fleece from UK !

Wearing JeorgeCarlie, you will end up being an eye catcher for any event you plan- formal or casual!

100% Merino Wool

Renowned for being the most versatile, breathable and soft natural fabric in the world, we always use 100% Merino Wool for our core Lapharrell range.


Vitale Barberis Canonico Fabrics

This Italian Fabric Mill has been producing the finest fabrics for tailor made suits since 1663. They are renowned for their techniques, experience and high quality fabrics that are sourced by many high-end labels.


Zegna Fabrics

The name is synonymous with quality and luxury and their fabrics are available to order vai our in person onsite service.


100% Cotton Shirt Fabrics

We have excellent quality breathable cotton. To view our entire extensive collection of shirt fabrics please visit our shirt section. 


Wool Linen Blends

These fabrics are a lighter than a pure wool blend for hot summer days, while remaining durable and holding their shape.


Wool Silk Blends

Beautiful, thin and lightweight, it has a delicate and luxurious feel, we have a wide selection of Wool Silk blends in our collection. Lapharrell made-to-measure service makes it possible to produce tailor-made suits and shirts in just a few weeks,which then delivered to your doorstep.


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